How to Know What to Get Your Wife for Christmas

So, it is Christmas Eve and you want to know what to get your wife for Christmas. You missed the Black Friday sales. You have scrolled through lists of gift ideas for a few hours while you were on the can. Now the time has come. The moment of truth. You have to actually pull the trigger and choose something that will sweep your wife off her feet (and maybe get you a late night Christmas present).
Need a plan for Christmas gift ideas for your wife? You're covered. This will make your life easier and you will get your woman a great present!
I am not going to lie to you. This post is not going to help you, the guy who procrastinated. My words will not work some kind of magic, BUT I will give you the ticket to a smooth sailing Christmas for years to come. And help you make your wife feel like the prized lady that she is.

The Plan

Okay, the first step is an easy one, but perhaps the most difficult one: listen to her. Yep. Seriously. I bet your wife has listed at least a dozen potential Christmas gifts over the past year. And I’d also bet that she has dropped some less than subtle hints in the last few months. Do you remember any of this?
Probably not. So, here’s what I propose. Grab yourself a small notebook (or download Wunderlist) and actually use it. Keep it somewhere safe like your bedside table. Anytime your wife says the words, “I wish I had…” or “This would be way easier if we had…” Write down whatever comes after those statements. Once you are paying attention, you’ll notice that she says this sort of thing pretty regularly, and then the trick will be narrowing the list down, not finding something to give.
For this issue, I present to you: the tally. Yep, simple as that. Start a tally next to the items that get mentioned more than once (and, yes, there will be things talked about more than once if she really wants them). When you get to the end of the year, organize your list from the most tallies to least and work your way down. If things go together, I’d suggest wrapping them together.

Extra Advice

This advice is not only for Christmas. If you get your list going asap it can be valuable to you for her birthday, Mother’s Day, your anniversary and any other occasion where a gift is welcomed. She is going to think you are the most thoughtful man in the world. Treat her, and its possible she will treat you later.
If you want to go above and beyond, watch her while she shops. She is likely to check a price tag on a purse that she thinks is worth having or comment on how that set of bowls is so cute. Do yourself a favor and snap a quick picture on your phone after she moves on. Get a shot of the price tag too. That should have most of the information you need to find the item again.
If your wife has mentioned something more than once and it is less than $10, just take a few minutes out of your lunch and buy the darn thing to surprise her. As an example, I continued to comment on how I needed some dishwashing gloves, but every time I was at the store, I forgot to grab them. They cost like $3. Had my husband ran to Walmart to grab them on his way home (or even ordered them on Amazon and they surprisingly ended up on our doorstep), he would have saved the day.
If you would love to be able to surprise your wife with small treats every now and then, start watching for those things too. Listen for when she mentions her favorite drink from Sonic or candy bar from the gas. There are bound to be extra pages in your notebook just begging to hold these little nuggets of wisdom about your beloved. She will be so flattered that you remembered that she loves a tiramisu white mocha decaf from Baristas. And even more blown away that you chose to surprise her with one.
if (wife.says("I wish I had...") || wife.says("This would be easier if we had...") {      // Is the item already on the list?      if (itemMentioned = onTheList) {       // yes           // Add a tally!           itemMentioned.addTally;                      // Check for surprise gift           if (item.tallyCount >= 3 && item.cost <= 10) {                husband.buyToSurpriseWife(itemMentioned);           }      } else {                                                 // no       // Add that item to your list       husband.writeInNotebook(itemMentioned);      } }
code version of the plan
Finding a great gift that your wife will love isn’t the easiest task. She is a complex creature and, honestly, she probably doesn’t even know what she wants. I’ll admit, that makes your life kind of tough, but with this plan, you will be ahead of the game. You will wow her and show her how much you truly do care. But if you really want to know what to get your wife for Christmas, the key really is to just listen!

Need a plan for Christmas gift ideas for your wife? You're covered. This will make your life easier and you will get your woman a great present!

Need a plan for Christmas gift ideas for your wife? You're covered. This will make your life easier and you will get your woman a great present!

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