What Your Blogger Friend Really Wants For Christmas

With Christmas being only eight weeks away, some of us are starting to think about our Christmas lists! We have a few kids on the list, the husband, the in-laws, and some friends that you really want to show a little love for without breaking the bank. Pinterest, here we come! If you need some blogger gift ideas, I’ll give you a few hints as to what she might really appreciate getting for Christmas this year!

Gifts ideas for your blogger friend. Cheap and easy diy for your friend who blogs. Especially for Chirstmas! ** Free Printable **

Engagement on Social Media

For a blogger, using social media to promote themselves used to be a little easier. Platforms were not always overflowing with cat memes, pictures of your sister’s lunch, and posts about your friend’s latest workout like they are now. Social media sites had to get creative. They had to find a way to make sure that you are seeing all the things you want to see while slipping in a few things they want you to see. It is a business after all. With these changes, things started getting a little more tricky for people using social media to grow their business.
If a blogger does one tiny thing wrong, be it share something a few minutes too early or delete an accidental duplicate post, Facebook could hate them for hours or even days. And Pinterest, that’s a whole other beast. One thing that makes a social media site want to show your post to more people is when people engage with the post. A comment, a simple like. Anything. They want to see that whatever has been posted is worth showing off to other people.
Now, as the writer, your friend thinks it is worth showing off. They likely spent at least a few hours, if not longer, getting their thoughts organized and onto the page, creating graphics, and finding the best platform and time to share this particular post. Their hope is that at least one other person thinks it is worth it too! If you could help your blogger friend out by giving her a “Like” (or even a “Love”), posting a simple comment, or tagging a friend that you think would enjoy the post, it might just be the boost they need to finally make it to viral status.

Social Media Follows

Your blogger friend can’t very well hope for any engagement from you on their posts if you never see them. And the only way you will is if you hop on over to their blog’s page and give it a “Like” or “Follow.” If you need help finding it, please just ask. I am sure they would be more than happy to send you a link. Overjoyed even. Want to be an even bigger help on Facebook specifically? Start following them as “See First.” They’d love to have you as a cheerleader, especially when they write something that puts their heart on the line.
If you know someone who might like the content that they are sharing, invite that person to follow their page too! That’s how blogs grow. Followers. People who love what the blogger has to say and want to see more of it. Don’t feel like you have to get spammy about it. Just invite someone if you really feel like they will enjoy what your friend has to say.

Share Posts

Sharing posts on Facebook or making a habit out of pinning applicable pins on Pinterest is a huge blessing too! You have a whole different set of eyes seeing what great stuff your blogger friend has shared. I’ve seen post reach double from just one share. It is such a blessing when a friend offers a virtual hand by sharing my work with their friends.
And just like with post likes and comments, sharing will show Facebook (or Pinterest) that people should really see this post, which is a big help.
** I’ve created a free printable that you can wrap to give to your blogger friend. She is going to love it, but you have to make sure you follow through!

Free Download

Cash (with the OK to Spend It on the Blog)

If your friend is just starting out, her blog probably isn’t making a ton of cash. It can be a struggle to feel like you can spend any amount of money on something that really isn’t making a profit. Do your buddy a favor and make sure that she knows that the cash included in the card is to invest in a Pinterest automation tool like Board Booster or a cute theme of her very own.

Books (and Other Resources)

Your blogger friend will run into some rough patches. She may soon feel like she is hitting a writing wall, can’t find motivation, or is struggling with growth. Gifting a book or e-course would be a perfect way to a help. Even if she has not hit the hard stuff yet, I’d be willing to bet that it is coming.

Gifts Ideas for your blogger friend. Cheap and easy diy for your friend who blogs. Especially for Chirstmas! ** Free Printable **

Bloggers need good friends like you. You saw this post and I’ll bet you had someone particular in mind when you clicked. That someone is so blessed. I hope that I have given you some ideas to use that will help you this Christmas and that lucky blogger for years to come!

P.S. Also, for the love of candy canes and hot chocolate, use the links on their site for your purchases. Ask about that one too. Trust me.

** This post may contain affiliate links.

Christmas gift ideas with a free printable. Cheap and diy. For your blogger mom friend!
Christmas gift ideas with a free printable. Cheap and diy. For your blogger mom friend!

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