One Perk of a New Baby

There are plenty of things that make having a newborn stressful: lack of sleep, having your schedule revolve around eating or sleeping times, the recovery of your body after birth, and let’s not even mention the hospital bills. But with all the seemingly negative things that come from having a new little human, this is my new favorite part.


We used our baby to win free things. That’s right. Why not? He’s adorable. People just love cute babies, so why not use that to your advantage.

Our local Hy-Vee was running a contest for people to submit a photo that showed their Husker and Hy-Vee spirit. This was ours:

The story of how we put our cute baby to work.

After waiting for a few hours, occasionally looking at other photos submitted and enjoying our Friday evening, the moment of truth had come. To be honest, we were trying not to hold our breath (even though we thought we had a fair chance at winning). When the time came for the announcement my dad was the one who remembered first and text messaged me asking if we had won. When I checked the contest post, sure enough our little nugget had won us some awesome seats at the first Husker game of the season!

The spoils of having a super cute baby. Almost 50 yard line!

This would be my husband’s first Husker game, so I was pumped to get to share that experience with him. Plus, I attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln for a few years and just love the game day atmosphere. It had been quite a while since I had been to a game and I was also excited about our plan to eat some ribs at Famous Dave’s.

The story of how we put our cute baby to work.

What made this night another first for us was leaving our baby over night with my parents. We new he would be in good hands and it would be nice to have a night that really was just the two of us. We had a great time reconnecting and cheering for our team and it was all thanks to our adorable baby winning the tickets! Thanks little mister.

Soaking up the Husker spirit thanks to our little one's cuteness!


One extra thought for any breastfeeding moms who are away from their baby for an extended period of time. About halfway throgh the game I notice my sweatshirt had a huge wet spot. I had leaked through my padded sports bra, tank top, and sweatshirt. I had another at least 5 hours until I would be near a pump. I survived and it didn’t really dampen (ha!) our evening, but it might be something to consider for your first lengthy time way.

What a fun way to be able to have your baby help you out for a change! I'll be keeping my eyes open for my chance!

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