About Me

My name is Abi and I am a newly married mother of one beautiful baby boy. I got married in September 2015 and God blessed us with a wonderful, healthy child in July 2016. I have a¬†few classes to finish up before I can say I have a bachelor’s in computer science, but I am pretty close!

Wedding Photo
Photo by Roman Photography

In my free time I mostly just hang out with my baby, read books, spend lots of time on Pinterest, and now think of things to share with you on this blog. I love cooking and baking, saving money with coupons, and thinking of fun date ideas for me and my husband.

Photo by Out of the Box Imagery

Through this blog I am setting out to share my journey through motherhood with other women in hopes to lighten the burden for those who are seeking some guidance using knowledge from those who have parented before me and my own personal experience.